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July 15, 2013
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Oct 13, 2012, 4:21:30 PM
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D. Gray-man: No one can hurt you now by DidsRainfall D. Gray-man: No one can hurt you now by DidsRainfall
I remember tears streaming down your face,
When I said I’ll never let you go.
When all those shadows almost killed your light,
I remember you said don’t leave me here alone,
But all that’s dead and gone and past tonight.

Just close your eyes,
The sun is going down.
You’ll be all right,
No one can hurt you now.
Come morning light,
You and I’ll be safe and sound.

:pointr: Lenalee Lee :icondidsrainfall:

:pointr: Lavi :iconsally-hiou:

:pointr: Photo…

Point Right Facebook If you want to see some wips, previews, photos and stuff like that check out my facebook page~!… ^_^


:damphyr: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~everyone!

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure and honor to be photographed by…! It was incredible: awesome photos and nice people to spend the time with! By the way, the scenario IS REAL xD It's a beautiful balneary~ It was the perfect occasion to redo and improve my Lenalee cosplay :3


:spotlight-left: More photos :spotlight-right: =>…

D.Gray-man: when will he come? by DidsRainfallD.Gray-man: Once upon a dream by DidsRainfall D. Gray-man: Kiss while your lips are still red by DidsRainfall
D. Gray man - Lively talk by Sally-hiouD.Gray-man: You're my only weakness by DidsRainfallD.Gray-man: I'll protect you, no matter what by DidsRainfall

:pointr: :facebook: You can find the complete sesion in my fb page
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jade-arts Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's very sweet photo. :heart:
jade-arts Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome! :rose:
GAH! I'm so glad I found your cosplay. I friggi'n ship this ship in DGM so badly, you don't even know. I looooove LaviLena. I've seen all the rest of your work now too, and I love love loooove it.

You make me feel so bad that I haven't cosplayed as Lenalee yet either. :(
...OKAY! :stare:
Fa sho, this year, I'll be working on my Lenalee cosplay until next year's fanime. I don't know how I'll really get the money, but you've inspired me. THANK YOU.

I recently uploaded my older LaviLena video. I'd be honored if you watched it. [link] (There's like no views on any of my videos because It wasn't too long ago that I made another youtube profile so I can change my name to Florose there.)


(On DGM, I'm going to be Lenalee too, so I was thinking of buying my cosplay here: [link] but I'm not sure if I should trust them to make it, or completely make the entire thing on my own. I've done both options before though, so don't worry. I've made and I've bought cosplay, but yeah....)
First of all: *____________________________________* :blush: :blushes: Because I thank you every single word you said <3

I shipp LenaxLavi too (and LenaxAllen tehehe), they're so cute together! I'm really honored you loved my work, seriously, I love the feeling of making a fangirl like me happy xD

Wow!! I inspired you, big words! D//8 Well, I'm flattered >//< I watched your video and I loved it :heart: It'll be nice to see more of you!
Hahaha, then comment! I'll be glad to reply all the comments with tons of love <3

(Mmm... I wouldn't buy it. I think it's too expensive and the fabrics aren't right, not to mention some details. Just my opinion >.<)
But, suuucch a beautiful Lavilena cosplay nonetheless! *_* lovely lovely lovely

This is one of the reasons why Lavilena is still a cute pairing. Even though my opinion's changed....again.

I'll just stop talking. *smacks self*
In fact, I wish there were a removal of comments option here on deviantART, you know. Opinions change, and stuff. In honest truth, I hadn't read the manga over like I said in my earlier comments I typed those months ago, I only looked over parts of the manga books with Lavilena in it, and I didn't have my Allena shipping goggles on at the time while doing so. So thus, I started multishipping both Lavilena and some of Allena at the same time.

Now it's changed .....again, I support Allen x Lenalee together again as a ship, and I am back aboard it, it's just that I don't mind Lavilena now. I don't hate them like I used to anymore, because I viewed the Lavilena ship as a rival combatant, but now, I'm older and wiser, and now it isn't. So yeah.... :)

I'm back to being an Allena fan, my views before those months ago were kind of illogical, but still true at the same time because I own my LaviLena songvid still, and I'm not going to delete it. And my artworks too.

However, this time I'll reread all of the manga completely, and get a real view that way. Yep, I'm an Allena fan again, but this cosplay photo is still amazing, and Lavilena has not died inside for me, and it's not back to being a rival ship again, it's just now there drifting on the romance ocean near my Allena ship, but the Allena ship is this large beautiful cruise ship, whereas the Lavilena is now this sailboat. But it could switch back again to being Lavilena the cruise ship and the Allena becoming pirate ship (not as small as a sailboat, allena never regressed to being as small as a sailboat in the first place), but alas. I don't know what will come in the future, but that's what it is for now. :D

I'm OCD. I had to clarify.
Slightly more towards AllenxLenalee again, but knowing myself, it'll switch again and again, who knows. I might stay as allena, or look at some lavilena stuff.

I'll be quiet now. haha
Okay.... it's been awhile, but I wanted to tell you that I ship Allena (allenxlenalee) and Lavilena at the same time now.

Just wanted to clarify.


It's been awhile, a bit. Anyways, wanted to make that clear now. Even if I switch alot, I still think the cosplays are amazing. They have good qualities in both ships, and I tend to lean on one of them and switch. It's darn hard, but reality has multiple ships too right? lol.

Anywho. Allena and Lavilena for the win. :)
YOUR WELCOME! :iconsupertighthugplz:

:heart: to you too. :)

Yeah, I used to ship Allena too, but that was until I reread the series. I own english volumes 1-22. So yeah... I got bored and picked them up to read all the way through. Then I realized after years and years of being a DGM fan, and a previous Allena fan, that I loved LaviLena the more. I used to like Allena, and hated all other ships that rivaled it, but I now think that was silly of me to do. Because, there are parts that you can really tell that Lavi does love Lenalee, and where Allen is really just interested in the cause of the war and not really....lenalee. I mean he does have a crush on her, but I won't legitly support it unless I really do feel that Allen does want to be around her, love her. So when I saw Lavi, and his reactions again, I stopped shipping Allena. I mean, there are alot of great spots in the manga that I didn't see before that I wish other people saw. Some traslators even jipped some of the online scanlations. The books had it fixed though. Thank goodness. :dead: Anyways, I just had allena shipping goggles on before. I tended to be a person who just shipped the main character hero with the main character heroine all the time, but that isn't always the case for me now. I observe if there are better relationships and stuff. I guess .....more observance and thus more insight? O_o Yeah that's it. lol

HEHE! You did! Well, I've been on and off about being Lenalee for 4 years now. I was originally going to be Miranda, but her sticken full 3rd outfit hadn't been revealed yet, and I got mad at that. So I tried to do the Miranda in the destruction of the first black order building with the white pants and purple turtleneck shirt, but I took photos.... and I didn't really like how my face looked like as her. :/ Plus, I thought that my brown wavy hair would work, but my hair is much too bushy and long. :( But I imagined myself as Lenalee, and apparently some of my friends were relieved that I decided to try to be her, lol. But it hasn't happened yet........sad.

I also want my friend to be mah Lavi, but I don't know anymore. It's been a year now since I asked. haha :XD: Annnnddd he's got a gf now, so I'll feel uncomfortable asking him for us to do some shipping (don't worry... clean xD) pics.

(Hmmm, you're right. Well, I don't like that the prevew pic shows this wonderous look, but when you look at the picture of the close-up of the pendant and stuff, the material looks cheapy. That's why I've been conflicted about it. Thank you for the opinion, I need it. It's been a struggle for years now. I NEED TO MAKE A DECISION!!!! lol thank you again. Soooo.... I did get some patterns for the coat, do you think I should make it myself? There is this site that sells the belt and cross patch. they look  amazing.)
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